Bethel Ministry Academy for Interns

posted by Bethel Communications | Apr 26, 2021

Find your ministry calling, find your people, and find real-world experience that will prepare you for whatever God has next. At Bethel Ministry Academy, we work shoulder-to-shoulder, stay up late at the coffee shop to solve problems, binge-watch The Office, fall down, get up, break things, and come out on the other side better for it.

Not sure ministry is right for you? Cool. Already have a 10-year plan and just need some experience? Great. Our internships are designed to help you grow spiritually and professionally, and you will build close, personal relationships with peers and mentors that will last a lifetime.

Say adios to high-cost credits. Sayonara to all-theory-no-practice classes. Au revoir to unstructured, low-responsibility volunteer ministry positions. Our interns are placed in positions to do real, gritty, high-impact ministry. You will learn to succeed and to fail in ways that you just can't experience in a classroom.

God has given you a calling. We're here to help you find it. Register for a 2021-2022 internship at Bethel Ministry Academy today.

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