What Are Creative Team Nights?

posted by Bethel Creative Arts | Feb 25, 2019

There’s something pretty unique about Creative Team Nights at Bethel Church. It’s the night that our creative community gathers, all three campuses functioning as one body. It’s one of our favorite chances to grow together, and we look forward to it with great anticipation and excitement.

Our creative team has an incredible responsibility within our church to help create a picture of who God is through using creative the gifts and talents that we have been given. Within our church, the Creative Arts encompass many areas, not just worship music and singers. It also spans production, filmmaking, artists, writers, set designers, youth and kids worship teams, graphic designers, actors – all regular everyday people who choose to belong to this beautiful melting pot of creatives who employ their gifts for the glory of God and the edification of His Church.

So what can you expect at a Creative Team Night?

1. We gather to enjoy the community that God has given us.
The truth is that our creative community actually likes each other. We find a sense of commonality in our quest to worship God with our gifts and talents. We find a commonality in our love for the Church, in our love for Jesus and in our love for the people of God. At Creative Team Nights we are seeking to build a community that makes a big church seem smaller – that places value on each person who calls Bethel Church their home, and that allows everyone to find a place to belong. Sometimes enjoying community might look like sharing a meal. Sometimes it might look like celebrating the seasons we find ourselves in.  But they will always include teams members walking away encouraged and edified.

2. We gather to learn and celebrate how God is shaping our culture. 
At Creative Team Nights we come together to learn how God is calling us to serve and worship Him in the season we find ourselves.  God has called us to sing to Him a new song, so we always want to be listening to what His heart is calling out for and what our church needs.  Often times special speakers or pastors will share what God has placed on their hearts and how we can use our gifts to support that vision for the growth of our church and the glory of God.  In short, at Team Nights we seek to realign and be in step with God’s heart for our culture.

3. We gather to grow and encourage each other in our craft. 
It is our firm belief that God deserves our very best. We have a responsibility to lead the church in worship as best as we are able. As a result, there is a need to practice, to hone our crafts, to steward our gifts and to learn how to better work together in a team. Learning and practicing allows us that opportunity. Our aim is that we want to play a small part in helping people to encounter God, and by investing in our gifts hopefully people are helped by what we bring, not hindered or distracted by it. That’s what excellence is — a commitment to bringing our personal best to the table and a commitment to ongoing improvement. In pursuit of growth, we attend Team Night masterclasses, coaching groups to refine our talents, we unearth new gifts in people, and we practice in preparation for what may be required of us.

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