Write the Vision

posted by James Armstrong | Apr 25, 2019

An Introduction to ONE and The Pathway

Habbakkuk 2:2 (ESV) says, “write the vision, make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”

Vision is a common term in our culture that often encompasses future goals, grand objectives, and campaigns for the future. For the Christian life and the church, vision involves what God is calling us to do, and give attention to for the next season.  Vision should be clear, and as reflected in the verse above, it should give us something to run to. 

Our hope this coming Sunday is to unveil a vision that builds on Bethel’s legacy of disciple-making, yet articulates a clear strategy in discipling emerging generations of believers. This vision is about people. It is about our community continuing to remain faithful to the mission God has called us to as a church.

What you will see this coming Sunday is a pathway that will lead us towards a strategic process and plan for discipleship. This pathway makes discipleship accessible for everyone and helps identify where we are along the way. Our aim is that it benefits you, but also empowers you to assist others along their own journey in Christ.

Begin praying that this Sunday God will reveal your next step and help show you where He is leading you to grow your faith deeper, and take you further along on your own spiritual journey. As always, when the Holy Spirit nudges us we must respond and align with where He is calling us. The primary responsibility of disciples is to submit to the lordship of Christ and be obedient to Him as disclosed through His Word, and through opportunities that present itself each day to accomplish His purposes and will for our life.

Don’t miss services this weekend, and come in anticipation for what God has for you. 

We’ll look for you on Sunday.


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