Mighty Praying Moms

posted by Bethel Kids | May 18, 2021

I love praying together with my sisters in Christ! But it is often a chore to show up on a regular basis to a prayer group. There are so many things on my “To Do” list as a mom, it is easy to let the tyranny of the urgent reign supreme. 

I am a part of an international ministry called Moms in Prayer which gathers moms together to spend an hour of prayer for our kids, a local school, it’s teachers and staff. Sometimes, if I’m being honest, when it comes to going to my Moms in Prayer group, it’s tempting to reason that I’ve already put in more than a decade of praying for my kids. My prayer partners and I have prayed them through their school years. They are all in fairly good places, all but one being launched as young adults. We have prayed a lot of the same prayers for them over the years: you know, the basic ones around good friendships, sound judgement, loving God, hearing His voice, growing character, safety, diligence in school, being a light for others. Do I really need to be there?

I recently read a devotional by Mary Jensen who had been praying in Moms in Prayer for 27 years, her kids being in their 30s. She put words to my feelings on this matter so well. She wrote about the same feelings and temptation I just shared. It was the encouragement and inspiration I needed to refuel my passion:

“…But then, as I stumble toward my coffee, tempted to take a Wednesday off ~ I’m confronted with the world we’re in and realize not only the dangers my children will inevitably face, but also the dangers already present for moms and children all over the world. Just as I look ahead to my day, I must look ahead to the future not only as the mother of my kids, but as one more pray-er for others.

That’s what’s motivating me more than ever to continue with my Moms in Prayer group! I don’t believe there is any organization with the impact or the presence around the world as this ministry of Moms in Prayer International. 

What is stronger on earth than a mother’s prayers? Who is more forceful than a mom when her kids are threatened? Who knows more about the inward struggle of children? Who is more attuned to the vibe coming from peer groups, media, schools? 

We are the best, brightest, and most effective army that God has ever marshaled on this earth. Thankfully, few of us have to shoulder weapons of steel; we simply have to be weapons of steel as we put on the armor of God and wield the sword of the Spirit, which is His Word.

Moms, don’t lose sight of the world. I know it’s tempting to turn inward and focus on the little ones you know and love and leave the big bad world to others. But God is in that big bad world, working in countless miraculous ways, eager to put your prayers to work along with His plan."

She ends with the charge that even as our Moms in Prayer group gathers to pray for a school, a teacher, and our own children, we also pray for each other’s kids and maybe adopt others to be praying for:

“You may be the only person on earth praying for these children. They need your prayers.”

Thanks, Mary, I needed reminding. Thinking about my “To Do” list, I am also reminded of the truth a friend spoke years ago about the Moms in Prayer focused hour of prayer. She said, “It is the one thing I do as a mom that won’t be undone!”  

(Bethel has a Moms in Prayer group that meets the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings. For more information about starting your own Moms in Prayer group with even just one other mom).

Mary Jensen has been part of Moms in Prayer since 1988. She’s happily involved with women and prayer, discipleship, friendship, and SEEDS, a giving circle of over 40 women who pool their money to make a bigger impact in missions. http://momsinprayer.blogspot.com/2015/05/mighty-praying-moms.html

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