Summer Under the Sun: Proverbs 1-3

posted by Bethel Group Life | Jun 11, 2021

Summer Under the Sun
Proverbs Chapters 1-3

This week we start our dive into the book of Proverbs.
Here are a few questions to consider: 
  • Who wrote it? 
  • When was it written? 
  • To whom was it written? 
  • In what style was it written? 
  • Why was it written? 
Wisdom literature uses language to communicate principles that are generally true, though not universally true. 

Additional resource: 

Watch: Proverbs Wisdom Series Video | BibleProject™

Questions for Reflection

Proverbs Chapter 1
In vs. 5 it states that a “wise man will hear” and a “man of understanding will acquire wise counsel”. Sometimes I wonder if my heart is truly in a posture to hear or if I am putting forth the effort needed to acquire wise counsel. What do you think are the reasons for us not hearing or pursuing? Are any of those present in your life?

Proverbs Chapter 2
Often times I find the questions that come to mind are really just promptings of the Spirit wanting to lead me to answers He desires to reveal. When was the last time you cried for discernment or lifted your voice for understanding? Are you seeking wisdom from God as you would a hidden treasure? 
Write a prayer to God acknowledging your pursuit of Him or lack thereof. Consider what commitment you will make to God going forward and write that to Him as well.

Proverbs Chapter 3
Trusting in the Lord with all your heart is difficult for some, but which of the two options below do you find more difficult:
Trusting him with all of your heart when things are bad
Trusting him with all your heart when things are good? 

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