Rooted (The Pathway)

posted by Church Bethel | Apr 29, 2019

Strong roots enable a plant to grow in a healthy manner and produce the fruit that it was meant to produce. In like manner, our spiritual lives are to have strong roots in Christ, in the truth of His word, and in a faith, that bursts forth in the way we live. The good fruit that we bear in our lives and in our church, starts with a vital relationship with God and with one another.

The beginning of Bethel’s discipleship pathway starts with a small group experience, called “Rooted,” that is designed to help us grow strong roots in Christ and to live healthy vibrant christian lives. Rooted isn’t simply a bible study or a book. It is a community experience, where people practice 7 rhythms essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus.

We highly encourage everyone at Bethel to experience this spiritual growth catalyst. 


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