Small Group Leader Questions (May 19, 2019)

Bethel Community | May 16, 2019

Being in community, from a biblical standpoint, goes beyond a simple friendship or companionship. Find questions in this resource meant to help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation on how pivotal community is in Christ. more

The Pathway Devotional #8 - Symbiotic

Bethel Community | May 16, 2019

One need not look very far to see the Creator’s proclivity toward interdependent systems. Nature’s symbiotic functioning certainly mirrors this truth. Read ahead to learn what this has to do with being a Christ-follower. more

The Pathway Devotional #7 - A Front Row Seat

Bethel Community | May 13, 2019

Is God there? Why don't I see Him? Ever felt alone with questions like these echoing throughout your head? Come find out why community may be the cure. more

Small Group Leader Questions (May 12, 2019)

Bethel Community | May 10, 2019

According to a research university in Colorado 80% of all plant issues stem from root/soil conditions. The spiritual implications of this are deep. Explore the significance of "being rooted and built up in [Christ]" (Col. 2:7) in this week's small group questions. more

The Pathway Devotional #6 - A Twist of Help

Bethel Community | May 9, 2019

Sometimes God has a funny way of flipping the tables. Read ahead to learn how one small group's intention to be a help actually turned into their receiving help. more

The Pathway Devotional #5 - The Rooted Story

Bethel Community | May 7, 2019

What does Mavuno Church in Nairobi Kenya have to do with Bethel? Come learn how the 10-week Rooted experience got started and how God is using this to further His Kingdom. more

Small Group Leader Questions (May 5, 2019)

Bethel Community | May 3, 2019

What does it mean to experience God in a corporate setting? How do you worship in spirit and in truth? This week's focus in The Pathway is 'Experience' more

The Pathway Devotional #4 - Experience

Bethel Community | May 2, 2019

Mensy and Yousy had no idea the way God had been pursing them over the years. However, on a Friday Night of Worship that would all change. more

The Great Outdoors

Dave Stevanus | May 1, 2019

I have many memories of the men in my life who have shaped and formed me. My dad, my grandpa, coaches and friends are all people who have influenced my life. more

The Pathway Devotional #3 - What if?

Bethel Community | Apr 30, 2019

“The reasons Christians go to church on Sunday is because we have been rescued from our sins, united with a risen, living Christ and with each other through faith in Jesus.” John Piper more

Small Group Leader Questions (APR 28, 2019)

Bethel Community | Apr 25, 2019

Unpack what "Our Pathway" means for Bethel Church and for you as we dive into the first stage of Invest and Invite. more

The Pathway Devotional #2 - Adventure Race

Bethel Community | Apr 25, 2019

One Church, One Mission, Our Pathway. Why does Bethel need a pathway anyway? Explore this question through a real-life story that may just serve as the pertinent answer. more

God's Plan for Moving Forward as a Single Parent

Bethel Community | Apr 25, 2019

Come be a part of an event designed by our Bethel Single Parents Small Group meant to address practical steps in overcoming and thriving as single parents. more

The Pathway Devotional #1 - Woman at the Well

Bethel Community | Apr 25, 2019

One Church, One Mission, Our Pathway. Join us as we dive into what God has for us next through these weekly devotionals that track with the 7 week unveiling of "One", Bethel's new vision for going forward. more

Small Group Questions (APR 21, 2019)

Bethel Community | Apr 19, 2019

AWAKEN! The resurrection of Jesus is the most significant event in human history. Come engage in questions surrounding Ephesians 2:1-10 in light of the resurrection and gain deeper insight into what it really means to be Alive! more

Spiritual Warfare

Bethel Community | Apr 16, 2019

Dave Bechtel and Neil Zobel expound on how to understand and be wise in our approach to fighting in the spiritual realm. more

Small Group Questions (APR 14, 2019)

Bethel Community | Apr 12, 2019

THE SEVEN - A Church in Need Rev. 3:14-22 more

Small Group Questions (APR 7, 2019)

Bethel Community | Apr 5, 2019

The Seven: A Church that is Faithful Rev. 3:7-13 more

Small Group Questions (MAR 31, 2019)

Bethel Community | Mar 29, 2019

Title: “A Church that Dies” Revelation 3:1-6 more

Small Group Questions (MAR 24, 2019)

Bethel Community | Mar 22, 2019

The Seven - A Church Under Judgement Rev. 2:18-29 more

Small Group Questions 3/17/2019

Bethel Community | Mar 14, 2019

Series: "The Seven" Title: "A Church that Loses Truth" Rev. 2:12-17 more

Small Group Resources

Bethel Community | Mar 4, 2019

Effective Resources for being a Small Group Leader more

Small Group FAQ

Bethel Community | Mar 4, 2019

What happens in a small group? Why should I join a small group? more

Small Group Spotlight - The Luecks

Bethel Community | Feb 27, 2019

Because of an opportunity provided by Jesus, five of us from the small group are going on a short-term mission trip together to Athens, Greece. more

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