The importance of the 94%

Cat Isley | Jul 25, 2019

94% of adult Christians made their decision under the age of 18 more

Just When You Think You Don't Make a Difference

Miranda Standridge | Jul 24, 2019

How a Sunday School teacher impacted a child's life forever: Growing up, I was the shy, timid girl who hid in corners and dreaded group settings ... more

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Kim Wilson | May 15, 2019

My children have been at Bethel since birth and are continuing to grow up as a product of Bethel Kids. Not only have they been recipients, but now are serving with Bethel Kids on Sundays ... more

Serve with Bethel Kids this Summer

Bethel Kids | May 7, 2019

We are so blessed to have faithful, weekly servers in Bethel Kids throughout the school year. These servers lead children into a growing relationship with Jesus by creating an engaging environment ... more

8 Blessings We Get From Serving

West Pasco Bethel | Apr 26, 2019

As we move out of our comfort zones, God increases our faith by revealing new potential — in ourselves and in His Church. more

Bethel Kids Summer Serving Opportunities

Bethel Kids | Apr 4, 2019

Summer is a great time to check out Bethel Kids! more

Are Sunday's good for babies?

Bethel Kids | Mar 27, 2019

Once a week, the Lord breaks into our routine and reminds us that naptimes and snacktimes are not ultimate. more

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